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Our Mission


The key to Ohserase Manufacturing's success has been the company's core values and strict adherence to their mission - To Deliver Excellence in the Markets We Serve! The core values of Being a Remarkable Workplace and Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences drive the behaviors, commitment and energy of our teammates to go above and beyond for all our customers.

Our History

Tobacco has been a Mohawk tradition for hundreds of years. Tobacco has been used by the Mohawks in medicine, as currency, and in ceremonial rituals. Native American tribes throughout North America would incinerate or smoke the tobacco leaves during religious and other ceremonies. They believed they were sending signals and prayers to the spiritual world. Tobacco was imperative for Native Americans and was the first cash crop grown by the settlers of the first American colony in Jamestown, Virginia.

Ohserase Manufacturing, LLC has drawn on the values of its Native American heritage and the Mohawk's love of nature, strength of spirit, and 400-year old history with tobacco to become a large family-owned tobacco Manufacturer. The Mohawk tradition of unity and culture has been embraced by the Tarbell family for generations. Theresa "Bear", matriarch of the Tarbell family, started her own business, The Bear's Den Trading Post, on the Mohawk reservation with two gas pumps and a small Native gift shop in 1953. Through her teachings and strong work ethic, the Tarbell family has continued to push forward, making dynamic decisions and venturing into new markets.

After venturing into the tobacco market, the Tarbell family soon became one of the largest distributors of Native-made cigarettes on the Mohawk reservation and in New York State. After refining the distribution process for many years, the family realized that there was a void in the cigarette market for a high-quality, great tasting cigarette that people can afford to enjoy.

Ohserase Manufacturing , LLC was formed to fill this void. Expanding across the United states and into other countries, we have become the largest manufacturer of Native-made, all- natural cigarettes in the world, featuring our flagship brand-Signal.

Ohserase Manufacturing, LLC

established 2006

Ohserase Manufacturing, LLC is part of the Tobacco division of Tarbell Management Group. Tarbell Management Group is a fourth generation Native American family owned business and is comprised of several divisions including our Retail, Fuel, and Tobacco divisions.

Ohserase (OH-SEH-LA-ZEH / Ohserá:se) was named after Eli Tarbell. Eli was born on January 1st, so his Mohawk name, Ohserase, means "New Beginning " or "New Year". The significance for naming the company Ohserase was to symbolize our commitment to bringing a "New Year" or "New Beginning" in delivering quality tobacco products to our customers. We have carefully combined the finest tobaccos, highest quality materials , state of the art manufacturing, and a knowledgeable staff to create a world class product for you to enjoy.

Our small batch processing creates the freshest products available using the best tobacco and blending it only with water. No other chemical additives are used to create the proprietary tobacco blend we use today in our all natural , native-made cigarette products.

We take great pride in our heritage- believing in simple, all-natural tobacco without any additives or preservatives in our cigarette brands.That's the way tobacco is grown- that's the way tobacco should be smoked.

Ohserase Manufacturing, LLC is a state of the art 80,000 square foot facility that warehouses our manufacturing and distribution facilities. We are fully compliant with federal regulations and local Tribal law. We are located on the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation which lies between the exterior boundaries of both Southern Canada and northern New York State.

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