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An Established Tobacco refined through tradition

Farmer's Gold Pipe Tobacco blends have been handcrafted over multiple generations with the goal to create an exceptional experience for pipe tobacco smokers. Using the finest grades of top-quality naturally aged tobacco, Farmer's Gold features a tobacco blend that is rich, smooth, and incredibly aromatic-the three key features that every experienced pipe tobacco smoker looks for.

Farmer's Gold Pipe Tobacco

Farmer's Gold Pipe tobacco is available in four premium flavorful blends- Full Flavor Red, Gold, Menthol Green, and Natural, in both 6 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

Farmer's Gold Premium Pipe tobacco Full Flavor Red Blend
Farmer's Gold Premium Pipe tobacco Natural Blend
Farmer's Gold Premium Pipe tobacco Gold Blend
Farmer's Gold Premium Pipe tobacco Menthol Green
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